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Our company is the result of a synergy between experienced professionals; all Chinese or addicted sinophiles.

TOKKI 旅游公司是由具有丰富经验的专业人员构成,员工们或是中国人或是痴迷于中国和中国文化的亲华派。

You want to enjoy your stay and live in osmosis with France. Your disorientation must be a cloudless joy.


All our team members are familiar with each other’s cultures. Whatever the context is, their empathy makes you permanently feel comfortable.


  • Tourist trip.
  • Business trip.
  • Attending a conference or seminar.
  • 为您制定私人旅游行程.
  • 专业商务旅行.
  • 承办会议或研讨会

Whatever the motivation of your presence in France is, our duty always goes beyond providing legal, comfortable and safe transportation. Feel free to express your desires, before, during, or even after our mission.


You will be surprised by the wide range of needs (or questions) that we can solve for you.

TOKKI 旅游公司总部设立于南法蔚蓝海岸的尼斯,在那里,美丽的普罗旺斯及地中海对我们来讲已经是平常得不能再平常的地方。

We are based in Nice, heart of the French Riviera. Provence has very few secrets for us.

We are no less competent and happy to accompany you throughout France and bordering countries.





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